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Photocatalysis platform driving unprecedented efficiencies in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing

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Conventional chemical and pharmaceutical processes are energy-intensive and require multiple manufacturing steps. New Iridium’s next-generation photocatalysis platform delivers unprecedented cost savings, greener chemical manufacturing and reduces time to market.

New Iridium can significantly reduce your chemical processing costs or establish a greener process.
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Phenoxazines, some of the strongest reducing visible light photocatalysts available, are capable of reducing alkyl and aryl halides via an electron transfer mechanism.

Dihydrophenazine photocatalysts are strong excited state reductants that can reduce alkyl and aryl halides via electron transfer. These PCs oxidize more readily than phenoxazine PCs, even at ground state.

Benzoperylene photocatalysts are among the strongest visible light reductants in existence, enabling even challenging Birch reductions under mild benchtop conditions.

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